Back at it Again !

The first episode of our Cap Haitian series is finally here.
We are taking Haiti’s second city over by visiting the major sites, showing you the best eateries, and connecting with people who are fighting to make the city great today and greater tomorrow.
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✩Important Links✩

⧫ Cap Deli
Restaurant & Spirit Bar | Rue 24 Boulevard |
Call or WhatsApp 2817-2807
Airport 4449-0707

⧫ Lakou Lakay Restaurant
rue du Palais, ruelle des Artisans, Centre Culturel, Milot 1230
Phone Number: 36 14 2485

⧫ Tonton Bicha

⧫ Cousin Jude

⧫ 100% Ayisyen Cassava

⧫ Techno Kids Camp

✭So much new content since the last we aired:

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